Skeycolor Eco Solvent Printer Adds Hole Break Compensation

2022-07-26 11:32:30

For most advertisers, the printer is most afraid of problems with the nozzle, especially broken needles, oblique spray, etc., which not only affect the quality of the printed picture, but also waste materials and time and increase costs. For the above situation, SkeyColor Eco Solvent Printer has added a “cutting-edge technology” – intelligent automatic hole compensation.

Hole break compensation is a function developed for the pcb character industry by following the algorithm basis of color inkjet, and is mainly used to solve problems such as broken needles, blocked holes, and oblique spraying. After this function is turned on, the high-speed ultra-clear focal length lens used will monitor the working status of the print nozzle in real time, and automatically make data compensation for the nozzle hole status to ensure a perfect output picture.

Let’s take a look at the comparison pictures before and after opening the hole break compensation function.

 eco solvent printer

The left side is the print screen after the needle is broken, and the right side is the print screen after the hole break compensation is turned on. The comparison effect is clear at a glance.

After the hole break compensation function is turned on, the nozzle holes with poor effect will be closed, and the surrounding nozzle holes will make data compensation for them, without affecting the production capacity and the overall effect, the picture is still fine and uniform, in the case of printing white oil blocks performance is particularly outstanding. The specific implementation method is forward printing, reverse compensation method, and combined with variable ink drop technology.

The hole compensation function can not only improve the printing effect and productivity, but also greatly reduce the cost of replacing the nozzle. When the state of the print head is lower than the set value, the automatic cleaning function will be triggered, and the carriage will return to the origin to start the print head cleaning, thereby ensuring that the print head is in an ideal printing state.

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