The reason for the shades of the eco solvent printer when printing

2021-10-29 17:35:16

Sometimes the colors printed by the eco solvent printer have different shades. What is the reason for this phenomenon? Next, we will explain in detail the reasons why the eco solvent printer has shades during printing.

① Nozzle. For nozzles, more attention needs to be paid to daily maintenance and maintenance. In daily use, nozzles and nozzles should pay attention to keeping the environment clean and avoid collisions. Dust in the air can also cause nozzles to block.

②The stepper motor is not installed in place. The operation of the stepper motor controls the speed of paper feeding. If the stepper motor is not installed in place, it will also cause the paper feeding speed to be abnormal and cause the problem of deep and shallow tracks.

③The servo motor is not installed in place. The servo motor controls the operation of the trolley. Failure to install it in place will inevitably cause the trolley to run abnormally and print problems.

④ Ink. Ink quality will also affect the service life of the nozzles. Do not use inferior inks. Poorly compatible inks will react with the original inks, which may cause nozzle blockage and

even paralysis of the entire printing system. It is recommended to use original inks and high-quality compatible inks. Ink and cartridges.

⑤Check if the ink path is blocked or the ink is not flowing smoothly. If the nozzle is blocked, the printed color will be uneven, which will also cause dark and shallow channels, so ensure that the nozzle is in a good printing state.

⑥The small frame is not fastened tightly. The trolley carries the print head of the eco solvent printer. If there is a problem with the trolley frame, it will inevitably cause the ink jet trajectory of the print head to be abnormal.


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