SC-A3 UV Printer


Skycolor A3 UV Printer uses 1 Epson I3200-U1 heads, Max Printing Width: 300mm. Max Resolution: 3200DPI. Print Size : Flat(297-420mm),Roll(297-420mm)


Model A3 UV Printer
PrintHead Type Epson i3200(8)-U1HD Grey Scale Micro Piezo Printhead
Printhead 1
Print Size

Flatbed: 420mm*297mm(L*W)

RTR: 150mm*290mm(Diameter*W)

Cylinder: 30-90mm*230mm(Diameter*W)

Print Speed 0.28m2/h~3m2/h
Print Thickness 1mm-90mm
Ink Type Environment-friendly UV Curing Ink
Print Color Standard: C M Y K W Varnish,

Optional: Y M C K Lc Lm+W

Heating Mode Rubber Roller Heating
Media Type Acrylic, Aluminum Board, Ceramic Tile, Glass, Wood Board, Leather, etc.
RIP Software Maintop, RllN, PP, etc.
lmage Format TIFF JPEG, PDF EPS, PNG, AI, BMP, etc.
Computer Confguration Computer System: Win10,64 bit; Gigabit Ethernet Port
Power Supply 220V50HZ/60HZ/500W
Working Environment Temp.:18°C-28°C, Humidity: 40%-60%
Machine Weight 80KG/ 150kg
Machine Size 1745*918*1480mm

Product Application

Technical Data

      • 01 Function & Characteristics

        EPSON i3200(8)-U1 HD Printhead, High-resolution, photo-quality output

        High-precision honeycomb hard aluminum platform, the flatness is controlled within 0.1mm.

        The motor drives the ink station up and down, precisely controls the position of the carriage, and protects the nozzle much better.

        The telligent Ink Supply System Brand-new ink cartridge design, with automatic ink circulation and ink shortage alarm function.

        A3 UV printer
        EPSON I3200-U1 print head
      • 02Simple Operation Application

        UV Printing on Cylindrical Object Using the rotary set, it rotates the bottle or othercylinder, allowing UV printing on the entire surfaceof the cylindrical item, Printing material and designbecome integrated part of the total work.

        Automatic Circulation System for White Ink Achieve the white ink circulation to ensure that the white ink always keep flowing state, avoid white ink precipitation or nozzles clog.

        white ink circulation
      • 03High Quality Printing Effect

        Easy To Print Spot Color, Make the Image Rich Sense of Hierarchy

        Spot color refers to when printing instead of printing C,M,Y, K together, the color is printed specifcally with a "specifc ink" (white ink). After the printing of the image has an excellent sense of hierarchy, perfect restore the picture of the sense of reality.

        Synchronous Output of CMYK+W+CMYK+V

        Through its precise control system and perfect mechanical precision, the equipment makes the varnish present a shocking visual effect that achievesa 3D effect on printing. Not only the price low, the process is simple,and also it can be polished on a full image or partially print.

        CMYK ink
        print size
      • 04Variable Ink Drop and Embossed Printing Effect

        The ink droplets are divided into 3 different sizes and can be clearly printed 2PT Different Font sizes print, which can achieve high-quality fonts that reduce graininess printed. Achieve photo-level printing quality.

        The embossed printing scheme, copy the master'shand writing, with strong embossed printing mode does not miss a trace of brush lines, making your pictures look more delicate and realistic.

        Embossed Printing Effect


Not limited by materials, can be attached to the surface of a variety of materials to give the product a unique visual effect, effectively increasing the added value of the product.


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