FD30 30cm DTF Printer


Fedar FD30 30cm DTF Printer uses EPSON F1080-A1 print heads. Max Printing Width: 300mm. Max Production Capacity: 6PASS  4Sqm/Hr.


Model Fedar FD30 DTF Printer
Printhead 2 EPSON Original I3200-A1
Printing Size 300mm
Printing Speed 6 PASS: 4m2/h
8 PASS: 3m2/h
Print Color CMYK LC LM+W
Ink Type Pigment Ink
RIP Software Maintop, FlexiPRINT
Transmit Port Ethernet
Print Media PET Film
Image Format JPG, TIF, PDF, etc.
System Configuration WIN7/WIN10, HARD DISK: 500G or more, GPU: ATl Discrete GPU Memory: 8G or more, CPU: intel i5 Processor
Working Environment Temp.:18℃~30℃ Humidity:35%~65%
Feeding Method Roll to Roll, Leaf
Power Supply 220V, 50HZ/60HZ, 10A
Dimension (L*W*H) 1200x650x620mm
Gross Weight 100KG

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Technical Data

    • 01CMYK +W Ink Printing

      Original ink, printing bright, high degree of color reduction.

      FEDAR 30cm dtf printerink
    • 02Imported Silent Linear Guide Rail

      Smoother operation and longer life.

      FEDAR 30cm dtf printer Linear Guide Rail
    • 03Import Fluoro rubber Pinch Rollers

      Reduce static and ink misting, ensure printing quality, and reject the outputs of media wrinkles.

    • 04Print continues even if power recovered after breaking off

      When the connection is disconnected due to environmental interference in the printing process, the control software can automatically detect the reconnection and splinter the last disconnected part to continue printing, avoiding waste.


The FD30 Digital Film Transfer Printer can transfer the graphics on cotton, linen, chemical fiber and other fabrics through heating transfer, processing heat treatment such as screen printing, glue, foaming, etc., and can also bake the color labels, portrait photos and landscape patterns on porcelain plates and metal plates, which are especially suitable for making medals, commemorative cards, DIY T-shirts, etc., economical and practical, with exquisite patterns.


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