SF60-4 60cm UV DTF Printer


SF60-4 60cm UV DTF Printer uses 3 Epson I3200-U1 heads, Max Printing Width: 600mm. Max Resolution: 3200DPI. Max Printing Speed: 4pass: 10.5 Sqm/Hr.


Model SF60-4 UV DTF Printer
Print Head Type Epson I3200-U1 Printhead (Compatible with 1600-U1)
Printhead Printhead Cleaning: Independent Wiper
Printhead Quantity: 3
Print Speed 4 PASS: 10.52/h
6 PASS: 8.5m2/h
Ink Type UV Neutral and Hard ink
Print Color W+CYMK+V+GV
Heating Mode Rubber Roller Heating
System Configuration CPU: Intel Core(TM)i7-9700K RAM: Kingston 8G or above Computer System: Win7 and above Network Card: Gigabit Ethernet
Print Media AB Film, Plasma Film
Media Transmit Automatic Roll Rewinding and Unwinding
Working Environment Temp.:18°C-30°C, Humidity:35%-65%
Machine Size 1745*918*1480mm
Print Width 600mm
RIP Software Maintop, RllN, PP, etc.
lmage Format JPG, TIF, PDF, etc.
Power Supply 110V/220V 50-60HZ
Machine Weight 262KG

Product Application

Technical Data

      • 01 Equipped with 3 Epson I3200-U1 heads

        SF60-4 UV DTF Printer uses 3 Epson I3200-U1 heads. The max printing speed can be 4pass: 10.5 Sqm/Hr., The inkjet is smooth, the ink droplets are positioned accurately, the image color levels are richer and fuller, and the printing effect is more delicate.

        Epson I3200-U1 heads, Max Printing Width: 600mm, Max Resolution: 3200DPI, Max Printing Speed: 10.5 Sqm/H

        EPSON I3200-U1 print head
        EPSON I3200-U1 print head
      • 02Silent linear guide rail design

        It adopts a silent linear guide design to ensure smooth and obstacle-free operation of the carriage, which is stable and noise-free and extends the service life.

      • 03Supporting multiple printing solutions

        This printer supports a variety of printing solutions. It can not only print white ink and varnish, but also support special processes such as hot stamping, silver hot stamping, and laser.

      • 04The white ink stirring circulation system

        The white ink stirring circulation system makes printing smoother and ensures even spraying of white ink.

      • 05Independent LED water-cooled UV curing system

        The printer comes standard with an independent LED water-cooled UV curing system, which has fast curing speed and long life and is perfectly combined with high-speed printing.

      • 06 Automatic printing and lamination 2 in 1

        Fully automatic printing and lamination are integrated into one piece, efficient and convenient.


Not limited by materials, can be attached to the surface of a variety of materials to give the product a unique visual effect, effectively increasing the added value of the product.


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