Can only take advertising orders? The eco solvent printer: I have many functions!

2022-03-01 14:23:52

In recent years, eco solvent printer has developed rapidly, and its research and development technology has been iteratively updated all the time. However, many people think that the application of photo machine only exists in the advertising graphic industry. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of the photo device application market.

As we all know, the printing media of the eco solvent printer are diverse, not only photo cloth, spray painting cloth, but also photo paper, lamp cloth, light box film, back glue mounting, silk cloth, oil painting cloth, back glue, PP paper, back glue PP, PVC hard film, PVC transparent film, transparent film, leather, etc. Each kind of printing material actually corresponds to an application field. Today, I will sort out the application market of the eco solvent printer industry and let you see how broad the market of the eco solvent printer is!

1. Domestic and foreign advertising industry. The eco solvent printer can be easily applied to all kinds of production of advertising posting at home and abroad. The function of such advertisements is publicity. According to the different posting positions and forms, the common ones are: bus stops, bus bodies, large supermarkets, real estate fences and so on. One characteristic of this kind of industry is that it has certain requirements for the speed and width of the eco solvent printer, and the definition of indoor advertising is relatively higher. At present, the width of the eco solvent printer on the market ranges from 1.6m, 1.8m or even 3.2m. According to the nozzle and equipment configuration, DPI has 1440 and 3200. Users can choose the appropriate eco solvent printer equipment according to their business scope.

2. Graphic, sign and photo Photocopying industry. The graphic processing industry is different from the advertising industry, which has higher requirements for the clarity of the picture, while the sign reflects the name or image of an area, and also needs bright and clear pictures or words. Due to its ultra-high printing accuracy, the content printed by the eco solvent printer can easily meet the printing needs of users. Therefore, in the graphic, photo and sign industry, the eco solvent printer also plays an important role. Moreover, the eco solvent printer can also scan and process the works created by the artist, and then print them out in batch with photo equipment. For example, the eight color HD printer of stormjet and the eight color HD output of cmyklc LM LK LLK can make the picture reach the quality of photo level, which is fully applied in the fields of studio, art processing and reproduction.

3. leather packaging industry. With the enhancement of people’s awareness of protecting wild animals, artificial leather is more and more respected by the whole market. The eco solvent printer can print on leather and easily print all kinds of exquisite patterns and patterns, making it a favorite in the field of artificial leather. Century wind’s leather machine 1904, which is specially designed for leather, is equipped with Epson i3200-e1 nozzle, uses special weak solvent ink for leather, mesh belt transmission and intelligent drying. It plays an important role in PVC plastic flooring, luggage and other industries.

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