Fedar Digital Printer Printhead Installation notes

2021-08-27 16:36:50

If the digital printer has been used for a long time,the printhead replacement is inevitable. Fedar digital printer all use Epson original I3200-A1 nozzle,the ink sequence and installation notes of the printhead are as follows:

First,ink sequence installation sequence.

Note:Please connect the ink tube to the printhead adapter follow the correct ink sequence.

Second,printhead installation methods.

1.A sealing ring is added around the surface of the printhead to prevent ink from splashing into the data line interface.

2.Gently insert the nozzle line into the nozzle to ensure that the insertion is in place. And check whether the line is inserted in reverse,and whether it is complete contact with the nozzle.

3.Gently install the printhead into the trolley frame to ensure that the printhead is installed smoothly.

4.Before inserting the ink sac into the printhead cover, use a random needle to pump the ink into the ink sac and install it on the prinhead.

Warm reminder of Equipment Use

1.Shut down the machine according to the prescribed procedures (turn off the control software first, then turn off the power switch) to ensure the normal return of the car,printhead and ink stack completely close, to avoid printhead clogging.

2.When replacing the ink core, it is suggested to use the original ink stack core, otherwise, the ink core deformation may cause the printhead clogging, ink breaking, ink drawing incomplete, residual ink drawing unclean and so on. If the equipment is idle for more than three days, clean the ink stack core and waste ink pipe with cleaning liquid to prevent dry clogging.

3. It is suggested to use the original ink of the original factory.Strictly prohibited to mix two different brands of ink to avoid chemical reaction, block the printhead and affect the quality of the picture.

4.Do not live plug or unplug the network cable live, so as not to damage to the motherboard, do not live disassembling printhead.

5.The machine is a high-speed printer so must be connected to the ground wire :(1) when the air is dry the electrostatic problem can not be ignored;(2) when using some of the poor quality materials with strong static electricity itself, may produce static electricity resulting in machine electronic components, nozzle safety damage, static electricity will also cause printing ink phenomenon.

6.Because this equipment is precision printing equipment, it is recommended to be equipped with about 2000 W of power brand voltage regulator.

7.Keep the ambient temperature around 15℃-30℃, the humidity 35%-65%, and keep the working environment clean and avoid dust.

8.Scraping: regular cleaning of ink stack scraper to prevent ink solidification damage to the printhead.

9.Working platform: keep the countertop free of dust, ink and sundries to prevent scratching the nozzle.

10.Ink cartridge: Close the lid immediately after injecting ink to prevent dust from entering.