How to enhance the weather resistance of advertising screens in winter

2021-12-09 11:29:28

The cracking and separation of the advertising screen is caused by the combination of environmental and climate changes, materials, ink and other factors. The cracks can be repaired by using a hair dryer. If you want to completely solve this problem, you also need to start with the printing materials,

The performance of printing materials in winter can be considered from the following five aspects: good frost resistance, good fire resistance, good wind resistance, good UV resistance, good corrosion resistance, and guaranteed autumn and winter from the source The quality of the printed product.

Such as: PVC materials, textiles, PE materials, etc., all have excellent low temperature resistance and good weather resistance. When used in cold winter, there will be no screen cracking or separation.

Specific material handling methods

Glass stickers

In winter, the glass is prone to fogging during construction, or it is prone to breakage in colder climates.

The main reason: the material is out of date, or the product is too cheap, there is no solution to the problem.

Solution: Choose a material with strong cold resistance and recently produced material~

Adhesive products

Adhesive products such as 3M light box cloth film screens are applied below zero, and they often fail to stick or curl.

Solution: It is recommended that you buy a heat gun for an industrial printer, preferably a wireless charging one, which can be used at high altitudes or outdoors. After posting it, you can heat and seal the edge!

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