How to operate the moisture-proof treatment of the eco solvent printer

2022-01-14 15:25:31

The eco solvent printer needs moisture-proof protection in rainy season. I believe many users don’t know how to operate it. Please follow the eco solvent printer editor to learn about it.

1. Before starting the machine every day, be sure to use a hair dryer to blow the printer main board, trolley board and sockets of data lines at both ends for 5 ~ 10 minutes to keep the board dry, so as to reduce the impact of humidity and avoid the vertical line of the nozzle, black pulling and no ink from the spray hole.

2. Pay attention to indoor rain and moisture protection. If possible, it is recommended to use the dehumidifier in the eco solvent printer workplace, or turn on the air conditioning dehumidification mode, or place some dehumidifiers to assist drying.

3. Humid air will cause the output picture of the eco solvent printer to dry slowly. It is recommended that the user turn on the printing heating function of the eco solvent printer or the external dryer when working, and appropriately slow down the printing speed will also help to dry the picture.

4. In the morning and evening, pay attention to close the doors and windows to prevent external moisture and water vapor from entering the room. You can wait until the weather turns sunny and then open the doors and windows for ventilation.

5. Pay attention to the storage method of relevant printing media. The printing media is easy to absorb moisture and be affected by moisture, which is easy to cause ink halo during printing and affect the printing effect. Therefore, the printing materials shall be put back to the original packaging after each use, and try not to touch the ground and wall.

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