How to solve the fading of the eco solvent printer during printing

2022-01-05 17:53:57

The more important thing for the eco solvent printer is to maintain the color of the image, so how to solve the problem of the eco solvent printer’s fading? Next, we will explain it in detail for everyone.

Fading means that the dye has encountered some redox substances. When the ink is hit on a coated medium, it is covered with a colloidal film. If the coating or film contains oxidizing substances, it will fade. It happens, for example, when our hands are accidentally stained with ink, which is very difficult to wash off, it will be washed off immediately after washing with 84 disinfection. That is why this kind of discoloration generally has the following aspects:

1. Light-colored or neutral-colored pictures feel very fast and sometimes only take a few hours.

2. This kind of picture will fade quickly even if it is placed in a dark place with no light.

3. The color of the painted surface has faded to a certain extent and will not fade (indicating that it reflects part of it), and the specific situation will be slightly different. At present, the general material coatings on the market basically pass the test, and the light film is a little worse, and the color fading caused by the film also occurs from time to time. We can understand this through some specific actual tests. There is also the fading of the photo spray painting surface, and the reason for the water is that the film is passed before the ink on the screen is completely dried.

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