Mainstream recommendation in 2022: Skycolor 8164 four head eco solvent printer

2022-02-22 16:18:42

Skycolor 8164 four head eco solvent printer is a new four head printing equipment launched by Skycolor inference in combination with market demand. It has four Epson i3200 nozzles and a maximum printing speed of 139 m2 / h. The new four head eco solvent printer is specially developed for high-end printing. It is the Savior of large and urgent orders. The printing width is 1.6m and the printing speed is 139 m2 / h. The speed and width meet the printing needs of most customers, A good cost-effective choice.

Product advantages:

1. Highly integrated intelligent control panel, easy to operate

2. Efficient moisturizing ink stack, automatic cleaning and moisturizing, tighter sealing

3. Three speed adjustable pressure paper wheel, imported from the United States, suitable for printing media with different thickness

4. Anti collision trolley frame: anti paper scraping and scraping, providing comprehensive protection for the nozzle

5. Intelligent synchronous double dryer supports sectional drying, which is more energy-saving and efficient

6. Large ink cartridge secondary ink supply system. Each ink pipe supplies ink independently for a row of jet holes to ensure the quality of high-speed output of large-area thick pictures.

7. Intelligent ink shortage alarm function to avoid sudden ink shortage of ink cartridge and ensure the continuity of printing for a long time

8. Two way imported motor: high precision drive, linear decoding, higher precision, smaller length error and more stable operation.

9. Imported mute linear guide rail: no noise, more stable movement, more stable printing, and prolong the service life of the machine.

10. Compatible with a variety of printing software: intelligent design, compatible with Maintop, photoprint, Wasatch (only applicable to DX5), Onyx and other printing software, scientific operation support, more convenient to use.

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