What is the difference between the eco solvent printer and the inkjet printer?

2022-01-07 16:57:51

Both the eco solvent printer and the inkjet printer are large inkjet printers, which are used for advertising printing. What is the difference between the eco solvent printer and the inkjet printer?

Eco solvent printer: usually print high-precision pictures, whether it is printing outdoor advertisements or indoor advertisements, the width of the format is generally small and usually about 1 meter. The ink used in the eco solvent printer is generally water-based dye ink, water-based sublimation ink, and eco-solvent ink. This type of ink is bright in color and belongs to a completely dispersed ink solution. The advertising pictures printed by the eco solvent printer are generally used for close-up display, and the screen printing accuracy is relatively high. Usually, the screen accuracy is at 360DPI, 720DPI, 1440DPI. Because of this, the printing speed of the eco solvent printer is generally within 40㎡/h.

Inkjet printers: usually print outdoor large-format advertising materials, such as giant billboards on highways, large-format advertisements on buildings, large-format wall advertisements around streets, and so on. Inkjet advertising is mainly about the long-distance picture effect, so the picture accuracy generally does not need to be too high (240dpi/360dpi). Most inkjet printers use solvent inks, but the inks are cheap and environmentally friendly, and often contain pungent odors. The printing speed of the inkjet printer is very fast. The domestic 3.2m wide inkjet printer can print more than 200 square meters per hour, and some are even faster.

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