1.6m Skycolor Three Head Six-color Eco Solvent Printer

2024-04-18 11:35:09

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, more and more customers have reported that they want an eco solvent printer with more colorful colors. Skycolor three head six-color eco solvent printer just meets your needs.

As the name suggests, three head six colors are three print head with six colors. In addition to the normal four colors of CMYK (blue, red, yellow, and black), two colors, LC (light blue) and LM (light red), are added.

The three print head all use Epson I3200 print heads. Two of the print head print the four colors CMYK (blue, red, yellow and black), and the other one is dedicated to printing LC (light blue) and LM (light red). This configuration makes it print faster. It is guaranteed that 35 square meters can be printed per hour with 4PASS.

SC-8164 eco solvent printer

Compared with the double-headed four-color eco solvent printer, the price is not much different. Because it has more colors, LC (light blue) and LM (light red), the color saturation is increased, making the picture visually smaller. It looks more delicate.

Compared with the six-head and six-color eco solvent printer, the three-head six-color printer is cheaper, but the printing effect is the same! (Except for speed) It is recommended for advertising factories and graphics shops that want to upgrade the quality of inkjet printing.

Skycolor three head six-color eco solvent printer not only caters to the needs of the high-end inkjet printing market, but is also extremely cost-effective! The last thing to emphasize is: this advertising equipment is very suitable for printing light-color images, and it is small and does not take up space. It is low-priced and high-quality. If you want a six-color eco solvent printer, the Skycolorthree head six-color machine is worth buying. !