Stormjet 6 Color Eco Solvent Printer

2024-04-29 16:23:28

In the digital age, eco solvent printers have long become an indispensable part of our lives and work. Among them, the Stormjet F1 six-head, six-color eco solvent printer has won the favor of many users with its unique charm and excellent printing quality. It is not only a magician in the color world, but also a powerful assistant in improving work efficiency and quality.

First, the uniqueness of the Stormjet F1 six-head, six-color eco solvent printer is that this eco solvent printer has six printing printheads, adding light red and light blue to the traditional red, yellow, blue and black. These six colors can blend with each other and greatly enhance the expressiveness of colors. Compared with the traditional four-color eco solvent printer, the six-color eco solvent printer has a higher degree of color reproduction, and the printed images are more delicate and realistic. Whether it is photos, posters or design drafts, the six-color eco solvent printer can perfectly present them.

Fi eco solvent printer

During the printing process, the six printheads work together to complete the printing task with extremely high efficiency and precision. In addition, the Stormjet F1 six-head, six-color eco solvent printer also uses imported THK linear silent guide rails, which have low noise and high precision. It is also equipped with six Epson 13200 printheads and a 4pass printing speed of 65m/h, ensuring high printing precision and Efficiency; the whole machine adopts an all-aluminum profile structure design, which effectively reduces the generation of static electricity and ensures the quality of printing

Secondly, in addition to excellent printing quality, the Stormjet F1 six-head, six-color eco solvent printer also has many intelligent designs. For example, it is equipped with an intelligent drying system and 7200W three-stage heating in the front, middle and rear, which enables production as soon as the drawing is drawn. In addition, the newly added automatic prompt function for lack of paper and ink allows users to not need to pay attention to the status of consumables during the printing process, saving money. Save effort and effort. At the same time, the adoption of a secondary ink supply system effectively reduces the number of ink refills and improves printing efficiency. In addition, the newly added liquid level alarm function enables the printer to better meet customer needs.

Finally, in general, the Stormjet F1 six-head six-color eco solvent printer brings endless charm to the color world with its unique six-color printing system and excellent performance. It can not only meet users’ needs for high-quality printing, but also improve work efficiency and bring more convenience to life and work.