This kind of UV color, white and color printer is fascinated by everyone who sees it!

2021-12-30 18:00:12

The Skycolor H1-UV color white color printer is a three-head uv printing equipment owned by Skycolor. It has a large appearance, smooth lines, full sense of technology, and the main color of gray-blue is also very high-end. The whole adopts an industrial frame, which is stable and durable, and does not shake during the printing process to ensure the stability of the printing. Equipped with 3 Epson I3200-U1 print heads, the variable ink drop technology can freely control the ejected ink drop size, presenting more screen details, smooth color transition and high saturation. Support multiple printing modes, such as color white color, white white color, white color, color white, dual color mode, customers can switch mode printing according to different needs. The UV color white color printer can print out the unevenness of the picture by stacking white ink, which is also called relief in the industry.

The Skycolor H1-UV-color white color printer adopts multi-layer printing technology, three-layer printing of color + white + color, which realizes that the picture will change when there is backlight; it can be reflected by the image switching between day and night, surface layer and inner layer. The expression method of new-style advertising makes novel advertising forms possible!

The Skycolor H1-UV color white color printer is mainly used for printing roll materials, with beautiful printing pictures, no color difference on both sides, and real and delicate pictures. The print screen is suitable for use in specialty stores, shopping malls, counters, showcases, schools, glass doors and windows in business districts, car bodies, home decoration and other occasions.

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