Printing principle of digital inkjet printer

2021-12-29 17:36:09

With the introduction of large-format inkjet printers, digital inkjet printers have gradually appeared in our field of vision. Next, we will explain the printing principles of digital inkjet printers in detail.

First of all, picture imaging. After setting the output method on the computer, connect the computer to the photo machine to output the image. The photo machine goes through a series of cooperation (nozzle ink, thermal transfer paper, dryer, take-up reel, etc.) to print The machine prints the drawings, and the pattern is printed on the thermal transfer paper by the ink of the photo machine. The printed image is on thermal transfer paper.


Then, the printed transfer paper pattern is pressed and transferred by a roller printing machine (or heat transfer equipment) together with the fabric. This step process is transferred through high temperature (about 200 degrees), so if you don’t High temperature resistant fabrics are not suitable for the process of digital sublimation printing.

In general, the sublimation digital printing process is the two major processes. The printing principle of the digital inkjet printer is one of the very important processes, and both are indispensable. Mastering these two processes is equivalent to mastering the entire operation process of digital printing, and it is easy to do digital printing.


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