Advantages and disadvantages of continuous ink supply system of eco solvent printer

2022-01-20 10:07:24

The eco solvent printer is a kind of ink-jet printing equipment, so the ink supply system is an indispensable part of it. Next, we will explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the eco solvent printer continuous ink supply system.

Advantages of continuous ink supply system: as the name says, continuous ink supply is its biggest advantage. It also has the advantages of large ink capacity and convenient ink addition. Moreover, the continuous ink supply system is not easy to block the nozzle. If it is blocked, it can be cleaned several times, which is convenient and fast;

Disadvantages of continuous ink supply system: because there is disconnection in printing test, the cleaning command will be executed many times. Ink path blockage, chip damage, ink self flow and ink cartridge leakage are also disadvantages of continuous ink supply system.

As the saying goes, everything has its advantages and disadvantages, so don’t just look at the shortcomings of the eco solvent printer’s continuous ink supply system. In fact, its high-capacity ink cartridge saves the work of frequent ink addition. The reason why so many printing devices use this ink supply method now is to see its advantages.


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