What are the application fields of wide range piezoelectric eco solvent printer

2022-01-21 12:02:04

With the continuous development of inkjet technology, eco solvent printer has gradually become a new choice for advertisers. Now all kinds of industries have its influence. So, what are the application fields of wide area piezoelectric eco solvent printer?

1. Advertising industry

Advertising photo is basically used for publicity, and there are a variety of advertising methods, such as common light box advertising, mall hanging, outdoor billboard, car sticker design, etc. These are the applications of photo advertising.

2. Graphic processing industry

The graphics and text processing industry has high requirements for the clarity of graphics and text, and the eco solvent printer can be competent for the printing accuracy required by this industry. Its output graphics and text is not only clear, but also has fast printing speed, convenient operation and cost saving.

3. Oil painting industry

The eco solvent printer can better realize the restoration of image and color, and there are many applicable printing media materials, so many users apply the eco solvent printer to the rapid imitation of oil painting and art painting, and realize high value at low cost.

4. Home decoration industry

Eco solvent printer printing can realize personalized home decoration, wallpaper pattern customization, soft film ceiling printing personalized patterns, and so on. Wallpaper is an important building decoration material. With the economic development and the improvement of people’s housing level, the demand for wallpaper is also greatly increased.

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