Affordable and easy to use equipment recommended: Skycolor H1 four-head eco solvent printer

2021-12-08 17:08:59

Skycolor H1 four-head high-end eco solvent printer, this eco solvent printer is the high-end model in the Sky Color series, whether it is the stability of printing, or the cost performance, it is remarkable in the industry. At the market level, this eco solvent printer is also the mainstream model in the advertising industry, and it is inseparable from processing and production.

1. Fast printing speed

The printing speed is fast, which is the advantage of this eco solvent printer that is worth talking about in detail. The Skycolor H1 four-head eco solvent printer is equipped with 4 Epson I3200 print heads, and adopts the self-developed misalignment method, which can not only increase the printing speed, but also ensure the printing quality.

2. High printing accuracy

The printing accuracy is 3200dpi. Epson’s unique variable ink drop technology can freely control the ejected ink drop size, thereby reducing the graininess of the picture, presenting more picture details, smooth color transition, and high saturation. High resolution (600dpi/color) can realize CMYK 4 color output, various shades and pure colors can be easily done.

3. High-end configuration

The overall performance of the equipment is determined by many details, and only good accessories can create high-quality printing equipment. The accessories of the Skycolor H1 four-head high-end eco solvent printer all adopt high-quality products, such as Epson print heads, smart ink stacks, Japanese THK guide rails, Raison brushless integrated motors, imported fluororubber paper rollers, high-power intelligent drying systems, front center Post heating, retractable paper system, etc.

Industrial frame design, the printing platform adopts air-cooled quenching, aging treatment process, and the accuracy is controlled within 10 filaments. Japanese THK linear guide, no noise, more stable movement, more stable printing, and prolong the service life of the machine. Double-servo Leisai brushless integrated motor, high-precision drive, linear decoding, higher precision, smaller length error, and more stable operation.

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