Digital printing classic model-FD6198E digital dye sublimation printer

2021-12-10 16:44:23

Digital printing equipment upgrades and iterations are relatively fast. Take thermal transfer digital printing machines as an example. Many models are eliminated not because the products are unusable, but because the speed is too slow to meet the demand for capacity expansion. Low-speed machines have production costs. (Paper and ink) are high, there is a color difference between the machines, and the paper is frequently loaded and unloaded. According to the overall market situation, Fedar launched the FD6198E high-speed digital printing machine, which has been widely recognized by customers.

Features of FD6198E:

1. Anti-collision frame

The height of the print head can be adjusted freely according to different printing consumables, which is widely used and easy to adjust; anti-collision devices are added at both ends to provide more comprehensive safety protection for the print head.

2. Air expansion shaft rewinding and unwinding system

During operation, there is no need to use other accessories to fix the printing medium, and the air pressure is used to automatically adjust. Make the force uniform and make the paper more smooth. The rewinding and unwinding system supports 1500m full roll rewinding and unwinding of 40 grams of paper, and supports a maximum roll diameter of 400mm. It has the characteristics of large load-bearing weight, long service life, uniform loading and unwinding force, and short inflating and deflating operation time. The unique swing lever in the rewinding and unwinding system ensures that the paper is evenly stressed during the entire printing process, and the rewinding is flat and tight, avoiding loosening.

3. U.S. imported fluorine rubber press roller

Prevent static electricity from flying ink, and print size is more accurate; the unique pressure roller independent lifting device can deal with the phenomenon of local paper bulging during the printing process at any time.

4. The default values of the firmware parameters have been set at the factory

Basically no need to re-calibrate before use, it is more convenient to use. 5. New dislocation arrangement of nozzles

The new dislocation arrangement of print heads solves the inconsistency of the left, middle and right effects on the printing platform, and improves the printing quality by at least 20%.

Fedar FD6198E digital dye sublimation printer has changed the status quo of traditional equipment with low efficiency, large pollution and more labor, and reduced raw materials, comprehensive energy consumption and labor costs by more than half. All these have broken the bottleneck of intelligent transformation for the printing and dyeing industry and achieved mass production. Production provides powerful conditions.

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