Application of inkjet technology for eco solvent printer

2021-12-23 14:53:54

Large format printing is a broad market. Some people describe it vividly as “all indoor and outdoor application markets divided by four walls and one roof.” , Building exterior wall covering inkjet products), store promotional prints, posters, advertisements, posters, promotional materials and so on. Some reports estimate that the current global market for this application field exceeds 3.58 billion square meters, which is very large. This market is a typical market where quality and speed requirements are balanced. Generally, high resolution is not required. Most of the systems currently running are around 600dpi (of course, it can be made higher technically), and the speed is ~ average In the hundreds of square meters per hour, some are close to 1000 square meters per hour. It is said that a high-speed system of 3000 square meters per hour may appear in the near future. So far, water-based inkjet and paper-based substrates have occupied the main market share of large-format inkjet printing. However, the structure of this market is undergoing drastic changes. Water-based inkjet and paper-based substrates are Rapidly losing the market, the proportion of solvent ink jet and UV ink jet is rapidly expanding. From the perspective of environmental protection, production efficiency and adaptability of substrates, outdoor inkjet may become the mainstream of the large-format color market in the future.

Due to its inherent characteristics of no plate, no pressure and digital imaging, coupled with the continuous improvement of its own technology and the sufficient nutrients of today’s digital peripheral environment, the inkjet technology of the eco solvent printer is showing an extremely strong momentum of development. Inkjet imaging technology can already achieve very high resolution, and the system is stable and reliable, and fully meets the requirements of all high-end applications. Pigment inkjet and UV inkjet technology can directly image on all flexible, rigid, flat and non-flat materials except air and water. The wide range of substrates is not comparable to other hard copy technologies. The ultra-large format tolerance of inkjet technology (imaging applications as small as centimeters and large inkjet imaging applications as large as 7 to 8 meters) is also a unique advantage that other hard copy technologies cannot match. It is these unique advantages that enable inkjet technology to gain infinite vitality and development momentum in today’s wave of digital development. It is expected to become the most basic and major color digital hard copy technology, which is widely used in printing and related applications.

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