What should I do if the eco solvent printer flies and breaks when the cold wave comes?

2021-12-21 17:45:11

When the temperature continues to drop, the printer will experience oblique spraying of the nozzle, flying ink, and false images when the eco solvent printer is working. In fact, this is all caused by the “temperature”.

1. The temperature of the working environment is very important to the eco solvent printer. If the temperature is too low, the eco solvent printer will have oblique spraying, flying ink, and false printing. When the user finds that the image of the test strip is false, he can use an electric fan or a hair dryer to heat up the nozzle to avoid such problems when the eco solvent printer is working. In addition, before using the eco solvent printer, the user should turn on the air conditioner or electric heating fan in advance to warm up the working environment of the eco solvent printer. So that the eco solvent printer is in the best working condition, which not only improves the working efficiency. , And the printing effect is also excellent.

2. In addition, static electricity is very easy to generate in winter, especially in air-conditioned rooms, where the air is extremely dry, which is a hotbed for generating static electricity. Excessive static electricity will increase the working loss of the eco solvent printer and affect the life of the print head. Therefore, when the user turns on the air conditioner, it is best to turn on the humidifier synchronously to increase the air humidity. The humidity is best maintained at 35%-65%. The humidifier should be connected to the eco solvent printer board. Keep a distance to avoid condensation of water droplets, which may cause a short circuit on the board. In addition, the grounding wire is the best way to derive static electricity. It is to connect a ground wire to the printer and bury it in the ground with a depth of not less than 2 meters. You can also pour salt water in the buried place to enhance conductivity.

3. Too low temperature will also change the viscosity of ink, especially inferior ink. In winter, the viscosity of ink will increase, clogging the nozzle and causing oblique spray and ink breakage, which will affect the life of the nozzle. Therefore, users should choose inks with good weather resistance and good quality when purchasing inks. It is recommended that users choose Skycolor original inks, imported raw materials, smooth use, viscosity is not affected by temperature, and continuous output for a long time. In addition, pay attention to the ink storage, the ink is prone to qualitative changes if the ink is in a sub-zero environment for a long time.

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