Causes of ink dripping from eco solvent printer nozzle

2022-03-07 17:14:16

When the eco solvent printer prints the picture, it will be found that the nozzle drops ink in the printing process. Next, we will explain in detail the reasons for the ink drop of the eco solvent printer nozzle.

1. Check the interface between the eco solvent printer nozzle and the ink pipe to see if the sealing is good and there is no air leakage.

2. If there is too much ink in the nozzle, keep the ink volume in the nozzle according to the operating instructions of the eco solvent printer.

3. Check whether there is dirt on the nozzle surface. If so, clean the dirt on the nozzle surface with a paper towel.

4. During the printing process of the eco solvent printer, the static electricity generated by the nozzle and paper will often lead to the ink dripping of the nozzle. At this time, it is well grounded, and the air in the studio can not be too dry and maintain a certain humidity.

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