Correct grounding method of eco solvent printer ground wire

2022-02-09 15:10:02

If the ground wire is not grounded or the ground wire is not properly grounded, the service life of the eco solvent printer nozzle will be reduced. Next, we will explain the correct grounding method of the eco solvent printer ground wire in detail.

1. The grounding wire on the equipment shall be in the metal part of the fuselage nearest to the main board

2. The ground wire should not be too long. It is better to control it within 3-5M

3. Connect it to the underground 1.5-2m deep, pour salt water around it, and be sure to contact with the soil

4. A ground wire must also be installed for the computer, preferably alone, and do not use the same wire with the printer.

5. The grounding point shall not be shared with the ground wire of building lightning rod or connected with the ground wire of high-voltage apparatus

6. The grounding wire shall be single strand copper wire or coiled wire with strong mechanical property. Preferably copper wire with a diameter of more than 4mm.

7. Both ends of the wire shall be welded on the wire pin or fastened with bolts. It shall not be loose, otherwise it is easy to ignite and damage the printer.

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