How to maintain the ink supply pipe of eco solvent printer

2022-02-08 16:36:50

The eco solvent printer with good stability needs high-quality accessories and good maintenance. So how to maintain the ink supply pipe of the eco solvent printer ? Next, let’s explain it in detail.

First, the ink pipe should have excellent corrosion resistance, so the materials selected for the production of ink pipe must have strong corrosion resistance and resistance. There is no doubt that the ink supply pipe of the eco solvent printer needs patience. If there is no patience, it can’t bear such a range when it faces the demand to move back and forth. For example, some ink pipes connecting the nozzle need to move back and forth at an unlimited high speed, which will constitute the split of the ink pipe, ink ejection, air leakage, etc. under the chain reaction, it may lead to the disastrous result of the scrapping of the whole eco solvent printer .

Therefore, in the process of settling down the ink pipe of the eco solvent printer , many eco solvent printer production companies, in order to better maintain the patience of the ink pipe, install a tank chain drag chain on the outer layer of the ink pipe, which can effectively maintain the frequent movement of the ink pipe in the printing process of the eco solvent printer , resulting in the damage of the ink pipe. The anti-corrosion of the ink pipe is also the same. Assuming that the ink pipe cannot resist the pollution and corrosion of the ink, every part of the ink pipe will not be safe in the ink supply project, and even the whole ink pipe will leak ink due to corrosion, which is more harmful than the lack of tolerance.

In addition to the material selection of ink pipes, care should also be taken to do a good job of maintenance in the application of eco solvent printer s. Do not disassemble the ink pipes at will, and pay attention to the tightness between the ink pipes and joints; Pay attention to check the integrity and smoothness of the ink pipe. Do not let other ink accumulate or other impurities form the condensation of ink and block the ink supply pipe.

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