Fedar 15-head digital sublimation printer, high precision + high speed + environmental protection

2021-12-03 17:52:11

Compared with traditional printing, the digital sublimation printer has a clean and tidy production environment, eliminating the need for traditional screen making and washing processes, and greatly reducing the production of industrial wastewater. With the development of society and the improvement of people’s consumption level and quality of life, everyone’s requirements for personalization are getting higher and higher. The reason why digital printing has been favored by many people of insight at the beginning of its debut, and in recent years The rapid development is because it complies with the small batch, personalized customization needs on the market.

With the maturity of digital printing technology and the increasing market demand, the digital sublimation printers on the market are rapidly upgraded and replaced, from the early single-head/double-head printing machine to today’s 6-head/8-head, and even 15-head machines. , The market becomes bigger and bigger. In order to meet more customers’ requirements for speed and quality, Feidee Textile Printing has launched a digital sublimation printer FD61915E equipped with 15 Epson I3200-A1 print heads. FD619415E

The production speed of FD61915E can reach about 610 square meters per hour, which can meet customers’ mass order production needs; equipped with a 10,000-meter rewinding and unwinding system, it can fully realize an unattended automated production plan.

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