Supersonic equipment in advertising printing industry: H1808 eight-head eco solvent printer

2021-11-30 18:00:17

For customers, what is most important is quality and speed. Under the premise of quality assurance, more and more customers will move closer to the direction of high-precision and extreme speed in the choice of equipment. H1808 eight-head eco solvent printer, with high-quality output of 185 square meters per hour, one is a processing factory, meeting the high-standard production needs of customers.

As a high-speed pioneer in the advertising printing industry, the H1808 eight-head eco solvent printer can print indoors and outdoors, and produce a large number of images, making it instantly desirable. Equipped with 8 Epson I3200-A1/E1 print heads, 24-hour unattended printing, with a daily output of up to 4000 square meters. The printing efficiency is equal to 6-8 sets of other equipment, and it has become the favorite of large-scale processing and production enterprises.

H1808 eight-head high-speed eco solvent printer has a wide range of applications and is compatible with a variety of printing materials. It is suitable for printing in various industries. One printer can print all kinds of materials, allowing users to print without worry!

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