High-speed eco solvent printer, it must be!

2021-10-19 16:14:01

I have to say that today’s era is an era of “only fast but not broken”. People advocate fast work and slow life. For the advertising industry, how to complete orders quickly and with high quality has become the most important thing-store rents, utility costs, labor costs…Each expenditure urges people to find the most suitable for efficient order fulfillment. Printing equipment.

A suitable printing device can not only win customers for you, but also reduce costs and capital pressure.

If your factory has a large number of urgent orders, or if you are considering expanding your business in the coming year, you can consider this equipment.

This eco solvent printer is the industrial model of STROMJET-F1808, equipped with 8 Epson I3200 nozzles, the production mode can reach 268 square meters/h, indoor and outdoor advertising orders can be easily completed.


What is the concept of the speed of 268 square meters per hour? Many people may not understand.

At present, the double-head wide-format eco solvent printer equipment on the market generally has a speed of about 50 square meters per hour, that is, if you are working 8 hours a day, you can print 400 square meters a day. But if it has eight heads, it can print 2000 square meters a day.

The five-fold increase in production capacity means that the work of the original five eco solvent printer can now be realized by one eco solvent printer. Not only does it reduce the footprint, but this device has a more intelligent and user-friendly design in many functions.

1. Paper roller

Imported fluorine rubber press rollers are used, and the height can be adjusted in three levels, so that the fixed paper is more balanced, the conveying is more stable, and it is more wear-resistant and beautiful. It can also prevent static electricity and make printing safer.

2. Rail

Using dual THK silent linear guides and high-precision linear decoding, the stability of the trolley can still be maintained when the equipment is running at high speed.

3. Drying system

Equipped with 6000w+3000w high-power dryers on the side and bottom respectively to ensure that the screen can be dried in time when outputting at high speed.

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