Digital sublimation printer: FEDAR FD53215E

2021-10-15 17:27:30

In recent years, the development of digital printing can be described as in full swing, and the upgrade iteration of digital printing equipment is relatively fast. Take the heat transfer digital sublimation printer. Many models are not because the product is unused, but because the speed is too slow. No demand for production capacity expansion. Second, a variety of special print needs, such as printing the width. Today we want to introduce this digital sublimation printer is the speed and wide-wide, strength and quality – FEDAR FD53215E digital sublimation printer. FD53215E


1. Adopt Epson I3200-A1 nozzle, TFP film piezoelectric technology + 2.5PL variable point ink droplets, accurate positioning ink drops, image color hierarchy is more full, printing effect is more beautiful.

2. Independent research and development of multiple column arrangements, with the fuselage to achieve super cost-effective, nozzle free adjustment, after-sales maintenance is more convenient.

3. Advanced intelligent sprinkler cleaning and moisturizing device, providing safe and convenient spray head cleaning and maintenance, and the operation and maintenance is more convenient.

4. Gigabit network data transfer ports meet the requirements of digital printing HD picture output stability and transmission speed.

5. You can upgrade the millimeter receiving volume system.

6. High-end import accessories: THK mute rail, Japan NSK bearings, Germany Yiguskin chain, Radi servo brushless one motor

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