How To Use The Eco Solvent Printer Ink Absorber?

2022-08-03 14:16:37

The eco solvent printer nozzle ink absorber is mainly used to remove the air in the nozzle and the ink tube. Let me show you how to use the eco solvent printer ink absorber?

Be sure not to let go when using the ink absorber to absorb ink, which will cause back-pumping, and instead get the ink in the ink absorber into the nozzle. Good point, sometimes we use an ink absorber on several nozzles, which will cause the ink to be pumped back and mixed colors instead.

Eco Solvent Printer

Do not unplug the ink absorber immediately after the suction power is gone. This will cause the pressure of the pipeline to be unbalanced, which will cause the nozzle to break the ink. When the ink is broken, there is no ink in the nozzle with paper. When there is no pumping force, be sure to remember to let the syringe stand for more than 10 seconds before removing it, so that the pressure of the nozzle pipeline is balanced, and the ink is rarely broken.

After each use of the ink absorber, please clean it in time to avoid the residual ink contacting the air and causing the ink to solidify and block. Convenient for next use.

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