Several Things That Eco Solvent Printer Operators Must Do

2022-07-28 14:19:01

The eco solvent printer operator has been in contact with the equipment for a long time. The use and maintenance of the equipment will directly affect the printing effect and service life of the equipment. Therefore, as a qualified eco solvent printer operator, these points must be done.

First, know and understand the common accessories of eco solvent printer, such as nozzles, ink cartridges, ink sacs, ink cuts, ink tubes, ink absorbers, etc.

Second, the relevant RIP software operation needs to be carried out before the use of eco solvent printer online. If it is an eco solvent printer with a USB interface, you need to install the relevant USB print driver; if it is an eco solvent printer with a network interface, you need to set the relevant IP address. The relevant operation methods and attention points must be set by the operator according to the operation of the technician.

 eco solvent printer

Third, professional operators of eco solvent printer must develop good working habits, maintain and maintain the nozzle of the inkjet printer after the work is completed every day, and strictly maintain a good operating environment around the machine.

Fourth, regularly remove the dust on the computer, power supply and circuit board, and clean the ground in the workshop frequently to keep it clean.

Fifth, develop good working habits, operate equipment in strict accordance with procedures, and prohibit illegal operations.

The correct use and good maintenance of the eco solvent printer by the operators will make the eco solvent printer perform better, and at the same time, it can greatly prolong the service life of the eco solvent printer.

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