How to choose an eco solvent printer in an advertising graphic shop?

2022-02-24 15:12:25

For advertising graphic shops, a color wide printing equipment is essential. However, at present, there are various types of eco solvent printers on the market. Photo advertising stores should consider the selection of eco solvent printers from the following three dimensions.

1、 Print width

At present, there are many types of wide width printing machines in the market, whether imported or domestic, basically 1.3m, 1.6m, 1.8m, 2.6m and 3.2m. This type of wide width printing machine is mainly produced due to the application in different markets. From the analysis of the business scope of Graphic Express Printing, it is more to make some product posters, mall posters and Yilabao, In addition, the width of printable materials in the market is generally 0.914m/1.27m/1.52m, so it is more appropriate for Graphic Express printing shops to choose a eco solvent printer with a printing width of 1.6m for the following three reasons: it basically meets the printing needs in business; The narrower the width of printing, the higher the precision of the whole machine frame; Reduce the floor area and make it easier to place and use.

2、 Ink type

The nature of ink actually determines whether the eco solvent printer is an outdoor machine or an indoor machine.

The ink used in the outdoor machine is oily ink, also known as weak dissolving ink. The printed picture is waterproof and sunscreen. The printed picture can be directly processed and used in the later stage. However, due to the ink composition, a certain pungent smell will volatilize in the printing process, and the finished picture still has smell. And the market price of weak economic ink is large. Although some manufacturers have different brands, it is basically more than 100 yuan.

For indoor machine, the ink used is water-based ink, and the printed picture will dissolve in case of water, so it needs to be coated in the later stage, and then the picture can be processed in the later stage. However, due to the characteristics of water-based ink, it has no peculiar smell, and has all the characteristics of outdoor printing after coating, and the market price of water-based ink is weak and cheap.

3、 Print fineness

At present, the mainstream of the market is the four-color printer, that is, CMYK, which corresponds to blue, red, yellow and black. However, there are some high-end brands, there will also be six colors, that is, on the basis of the original four colors, there will be one more LC light blue, one more LM light red, or even eight colors, and one more LK (light black) and one more LLK (light black) on the six colors. Because the more kinds of colors, the finer the printed picture, the higher the degree of color restoration. For Graphic Express printing shops, 4 colors can basically meet customers. If the picture is higher and higher, 6 colors can basically meet customers.

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