Entering 2022, the most popular eco solvent printer in the market is still it!

2022-02-28 16:09:02

The spray printing industry has entered the peak season, and all kinds of eco solvent printers have been robbed by the market. The most popular eco solvent printer in the market in 2022 is the high-end eco solvent printer under Skycolor – H1 – four head high-end eco solvent printer.


H1 four head high-end eco solvent printer is a high-end series under Skycolor. It is specially developed and manufactured for the high-end market to meet the diversified high-standard needs of customers.Equipped with four Epson i3200 nozzles, it has absolute advantages in printing accuracy and printing speed.Epson’s unique variable ink drop technology can accurately locate ink drops, and 3200 jet holes can be inkjet printed at the same time. The color transition of the picture is natural, and the dark, light and solid colors can be easily handled. Four nozzles work at the same time, and the printing speed is up to 139 ㎡ / h. All accessories are made of high-quality materials, such as Japanese THK guide rail, leisai brushless integrated motor, high-power double row intelligent dryer, fluororubber paper pressing wheel, etc., so as to improve the overall quality of the equipment in terms of details

H1 four head high-end eco solvent printer is widely used at home and abroad. It can print photo paper, adhesive backed photo paper, PP paper, PVC hard film, PVC transparent film, blowtorch film, photo cloth, oil painting cloth, transparent film, white canvas, silk and satin cloth, etc.

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