How to choose the painting cloth of eco solvent printer

2022-03-02 15:44:29

Spray painting is a very common advertising production method in today’s society, which is used to promote the corporate image. How to choose the eco solvent printer spray painting cloth? Next, let’s explain it in detail.


1. The inkjet cloth must match the ink of the eco solvent printer, and determine the basic product series. It can be divided into dye ink, pigment ink, weak solvent ink and solvent ink. The eco solvent printer of dye ink and pigment ink can choose high gloss inkjet cloth and matte waterproof inkjet cloth, and the eco solvent printer of weak solvent ink and solvent ink can choose weak solvent high gloss inkjet cloth and weak solvent matte inkjet cloth.

2. We should distinguish it from the spray painting surface effect of the eco solvent printer. If the works to be sprayed by the eco solvent printer require good gloss and highly bright colors, please choose high gloss spray painting cloth or weak solvent high gloss spray painting cloth. Or the work to be painted by the eco solvent printer requires matte surface and soft classical color, so please choose matte waterproof inkjet cloth series or weak solvent matte inkjet cloth series.

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