How to control the cost of eco solvent printer

2022-02-14 16:54:19

In photo advertising and ink-jet advertising, eco solvent printer consumables are relatively expensive. First of all, we will think about how to reduce consumables to achieve the purpose of reducing costs. Next, we will explain in detail how to control the cost of eco solvent printer.

Equipment stability: before starting printing and output, carry out corresponding maintenance on the equipment, including cleaning the nozzle, proofing, adding ink and other operations, so as to eliminate color deviation, ink breaking, pass channel and other phenomena during printing, and ensure that the equipment is in good condition during operation.

In the early stage of design, many customers will communicate with the designer according to the self-determined size, and then design the picture according to the size, advertising content, picture image selection, etc. after completion, it will be printed and output by the eco solvent printer. In this process, the eco solvent printer operator will design the size according to the design size of the picture, Use the required print media to select the print media material. Often, due to the different sizes of the original designed advertising pictures and the different widths of the materials, and the operators typesetting the pictures in the eco solvent printer Monterey, if the pictures are not typeset reasonably, it may cause a lot of waste of materials.

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