Correct operation process of eco solvent printer

2022-02-15 17:08:15

Do you understand the correct operation process of the photo machine in spring? I believe most users don’t know that well. Please follow the photo machine editor to learn more about it.

1. Nozzle test: standby mode – press the right button – press the nozzle test again – nozzle printing status

2. Nozzle cleaning: standby mode – press the right button – select automatic cleaning or manual cleaning – press the OK button – start cleaning

3. Starting point setting: standby mode – press the left key – press the left and right keys to move the trolley to adjust the position, and the left side of the trolley shall prevail – press the OK key

4. Nozzle maintenance:

A. Before shutdown, check whether the nozzle head is aligned with the ink suction pad

B. The machine does not print for more than 2 days. Before shutdown, fill the ink suction pad with cleaning fluid, clamp the waste ink pipe, return the trolley, and moisturize the nozzle to prevent plugging.

C. The waste ink on the blade is often wiped clean with cleaning fluid

5. The ink shall not touch the data line, and the grating shall not be wiped with cleaning fluid or alcohol.

6. Press OK to pause while printing:

A. Press the OK key again to continue

B. Press the exit key to cancel printing

C. Press the right button again and select automatic cleaning. After cleaning, press OK and then print

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