How to solve the problem that the eco solvent printer suddenly stops when printing

2021-12-28 17:42:22

The printing of the eco solvent printer is stagnant, and waste of materials brings economic losses. We need to find the reason to solve it. Next, we will explain in detail how to solve the sudden stop of the eco solvent printer when printing.

1. First, check whether the connectors at both ends of the print cable are loose. Then change the power and data cables to check if the problem is on the cable; in addition, the length of the printing cable or the poor quality will affect the correctness of the data transmission.

2. Set the printer port of the computer correctly and reasonably. If there is a network port, set it to network printing, which will greatly reduce data transmission errors.

3. Turn off the computer’s automatic power management function. Due to the long time-consuming work of inkjet printing, most customers often let the computer automatically perform calculations and output without other operations during the inkjet printing process. If the power management function is turned on, the hard disk may automatically stop moving after a certain period of time. The information transmission has actually been terminated, but the software shows the illusion that it is still transmitting.

4. Check the working environment

Check the power consumption: please check whether the surrounding high-power electrical equipment such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and scanners are turned off during the printing process; strong electromagnetic fields will interfere with the output of the printer; at the same time, do not make the printer and the large The power equipment is on the same power supply line; moreover, in areas where the power supply is unstable, it is better to equip the inkjet printer and the computer with an online uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Check the grounding situation: static electricity will have a bad effect on signal transmission, so please use high-quality three-phase power sockets and plugs, and connect the standard ground wire to ensure that the equipment has a good grounding.

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