Under what circumstances do the ink sacs of the eco solvent printer need to be replaced?

2021-12-22 17:18:40

Ink sacs are commonly used small parts of photo printers, maintenance and maintenance are very important, so when do you need to replace the ink sacs of photo printers?

The function of the ink sac is to filter the ink of the eco solvent printer to prevent the impurity produced by the ink from clogging the print head. Although the ink sac of the eco solvent printer is a small accessory and easy to be ignored, its small accessories have a great effect, and its good or bad directly affects The quality of the printed output image of the eco solvent printer.

When do the ink sacs need to be replaced? The quality of the ink sac of the eco solvent printer directly causes the probability of nozzle clogging, because too much impurities in the filter or no ink in the ink sac will cause the nozzle clogging. Therefore, in the daily use of the eco solvent printer, if the eco solvent printer is printing ink, the print line is broken in the print state of the nozzle, and the ink does not come out of a certain color, etc., you can check the relevant ink supply path and ink sac. If the ink sac filters Net inspection found that there are too many impurities, ink solidified debris, and the ink bag leaks and the air seal is not tight. The above problems exist, and the ink bag needs to be replaced for a printing test to troubleshoot machine printing failures.

In addition, the ink sac is a fragile ink part of the eco solvent printer, and it should be replaced regularly in use, so as to better check the ink supply system of the eco solvent printer and ensure the safety and smoothness of the supply! At the same time, it delivers smoother ink to the print head of the eco solvent printer to make the print head work better, so that the print output of the eco solvent printer is more beautiful and the color is better.

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