How to use the eco solvent printer to maintain the color of outdoor advertising inkjet printing?

2021-09-17 11:36:38

Outdoor advertisements experience various climatic and environmental influences, and they will fade or change colors. So how can the eco solvent printer be used to maintain the color of outdoor advertising inkjet printing?

1.Use high-performance inkjet printer inkjet printing equipment with good outdoor compatibility; In the production of advertising inkjet pictures, piezoelectric printers are the preferred inkjet printing equipment. Nowadays, large-format inkjet printing equipment is developing very fast, and the technology is changing with each passing day. Various multi-functional and multi-application high-performance printers are also constantly being introduced to the market. Using a high-performance outdoor eco solvent printer for inkjet printing, you can quickly and smoothly complete the large-format advertising inkjet printing surface. At the same time, it can ensure better image color printing, high color reproduction, and better compatibility between outdoor media and ink.

2.Choose high-quality outdoor eco solvent printer printing media materials; Correctly choose high-quality outdoor eco solvent printer printing media. For example, in the use of outdoor inkjet cloth, choose an inkjet cloth that matches the ink and has good tensile properties. Or under the combined action of other external factors, the outer surface of the cloth may also be damaged, torn or deformed. The inkjet color on the inkjet cloth may also be easily peeled off from the base cloth, which cannot keep the color of the outdoor inkjet advertising screen durable.

3.Pay attention to the influence of different outdoor environments and natural factors on the color of the advertising screen; Beautiful inkjet products are easily damaged by the sun and rain, etc. How to make beautiful inkjet products not easily damaged by the sun and rain? Pay attention to temperature difference, UV protection, rain and wind sand, dust and environmental pollution, Anti-artificial graffiti and damage. These factors, we pay attention to protect outdoor advertising display. For example, in the operation of preventing temperature difference, if the image is in a temperature environment of 100°C or 0°C for too long, special attention should be paid to the handling. If the temperature is too low, the image will crack, and if the temperature is too high, the film of the image may peel off or become soft, making the image unclear. In the operation of anti-ultraviolet and rainwater, you can use film or glue, and the chemical agent or ultraviolet absorber on the film can extend the life of the image several times, and the color of the image can be more durable and not easy to fade;

The color of the painting surface is durable, and protection is the main focus. The use of high-performance eco solvent printer printing equipment and high-quality outdoor inks can provide preconditions for the color of outdoor advertising images.

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