High-end high-speed eight-head eco solvent printer H1808

2021-09-23 17:03:27

The H1808 eight-head eco solvent printer is a high-speed printing device specially developed by skycolor team for the high-end market. This device can be equipped with 8 Epson I3200 print heads. The print heads are arranged in a staggered manner to achieve fast printing; at the same time, it has a unique two-dimensional feathering. Function to eliminate BANDING in printing and ensure high quality of fast printing.


The H1 high-end eco solvent printer adopts an industrial structure frame, the equipment is more stable, and there will be no shaking problems, which adds another guarantee to the high quality of the equipment’s fast printing. At present, the printing speed of the H1808 eight-head eco solvent printer can reach 268㎡/h, and all kinds of large orders and urgent orders can be easily dealt with.

Functions and features

1. Brand-new appearance, high-end atmosphere, high-strength industrialized structure, the mainframe/panel/beam adopts thickened aluminum alloy structure, which is more stable.

2. Double dryer design, drying system intelligent synchronous printing, safe and efficient, making printing dry and worry-free.

3. The secondary ink supply system is adopted to keep printing for a long time to ensure the image output quality.

4. American fluorine rubber pressure paper roller, to prevent static electricity and no ink flying, print size is more accurate, and no wrinkles.

5. The trolley head can be adjusted up and down, and the height of the nozzle position can be adjusted according to the thickness of different printing media, which is convenient, fast, safe and efficient.

6. Automatic paper measurement, anti-rubbing paper function, consumables warped edge, automatic printing pause, to prevent the nozzle from being scratched.

7. Using international standard aviation sockets, matching leakage protection devices, the machine runs safer and more assured.

8. The crossbeam is designed with double THK guide rails, which makes the trolley more stable.

9. Two-way Lexai brushless motor, high-precision drive linear decoding, higher accuracy, smaller length error, and more stable performance.

10. The 180W rewinding and discharging machine supports a 1000-meter roll-to-roll material rewinding and unwinding device, which reduces the time for material replacement and improves printing efficiency.