In March, these three eco solvent printers are recommended!

2022-03-08 16:35:35

In today’s era of various models in the eco solvent printer market, what is the eco solvent printer really suitable for advertisers? Today I will recommend three eco solvent printers to you. From entrepreneurs to medium and large-scale advertising processing plants, there is always one suitable for you!

The three models are F1808 eight head eco solvent printer, F1 four head series eco solvent printer and 3180s double head eco solvent printer.

So, what should I choose? What is the difference between these three models?

1、 According to price

When users buy equipment, they must first consider the price. Even if the machine is good, the configuration is high and the budget is not enough, it will not help. If you buy it ruthlessly, the gains may not outweigh the losses, affecting the investment in other aspects, resulting in a decline in the profits of the whole business.

If the price budget is not too high, 3180s double headed series can be given priority. This model is very suitable for the start-up advertising graphic processing factory. If the budget is sufficient, four head and eight head equipment can be considered.

SC-4180TS Printer

2、 According to business areas

If there are many fragmentary lists printed at ordinary times and not many urgent and large orders, you can consider choosing 3180s double head machine. Because the dryer power and motor power of this model are smaller than those of four and eight heads, and the overall loss is also relatively low. Four head and eight head equipment are more suitable for processing large orders and urgent orders.

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