Newly upgraded all-in-one digital dye sublimation printer fd5198e-a

2022-03-09 16:29:14

Let’s take a look at the basic information of fd5198e-a:

The production efficiency of fd5198e-a is up to 370 ㎡ / h, the printing width is 1900mm, and the supporting paper is 31G, which can save the cost. The unique S-type air suction printing platform can prevent the paper from wrinkling during printing, so that it can be applied to low-weight paper, and can be easily printed on less ideal paper rolls.

Advantages and features of fd5198e-a:

1. New reinforced beam + high-precision support: the machine runs more stably and the printing image quality is more exquisite.

2. Thk15 ultra silent linear S-class guide rail imported from Japan: it can effectively reduce the resistance and noise during the operation of the ink car during high-speed movement, and ensure smooth operation of the guide rail and lower noise.

3. 400W independent drive servo motor: high precision drive linear decoding, higher precision, smaller length error and more stable performance.

4. High standard platform and beam calibration mode, unique S-type air suction printing platform: convenient adjustment and strong paper adsorption.

5. Double damping rubber stick paper expanding device makes the operation more convenient.

6. The retraction and playback system is modular, and 10000 meter base can be selected according to customer needs.

7. High end imported accessories: igus drag chain imported from Germany and NSK bearing imported from Japan.

8. Independent drying control panel: integrated adjustment is more convenient.

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