Installation points of eco solvent printer‘s head

2021-12-15 16:54:43

In the eco solvent printer, there is usually no head installed and connected when it leaves the factory. The head of the outdoor eco solvent printer is installed by ourselves. Next, we will explain in detail the main points of installing the head of the outdoor eco solvent printer.

1. When installing the head, you must remove the air hole seal according to the instructions, but do not remove other seals at will, otherwise ink will leak.

2. When installing a new head, the print head should be cleaned 3-5 times (at least once).

3. When one of the heads has no ink or is not installed, even if there is ink in the other heads, the eco solvent printer will not work.

4. Once the new head falls off the machine, it is best not to remove it before replacing the head.

5. Unless the head is to be replaced, do not open the head protection clip, otherwise the head cannot be used again.

6. When the eco solvent printer is working, do not reach into the eco solvent printer or touch the nozzle. First, check whether the ink of a certain color is used up in the ink cartridge, and then consider the following reasons: tear off the label (i.e. yellow sticker) according to the instructions, the air guide groove and the air guide hole are still closed, and air cannot enter the head, so it is completely torn Under the label. The print head should be cleaned to expel small air bubbles.

The solution is to start the printer’s automatic cleaning program to clean the print head one or more times (Note: After each cleaning, you must print the nozzle detection pattern test line to observe the cleaning effect). Or turn off the printer and stop using it for a few hours to see if the situation improves. If the problem cannot be solved, it is recommended to send it in for repair.

There are a few white lines. It may be because after long-term printing, some paper of poor quality is used, and there will be paper particles on the surface of the paper. These paper particles will stick to the print head and cause some ink outlets to be blocked. At this time, the printed matter should be cleaned. If there is no effect, send it to the maintenance department for repair.

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