Method for identifying the quality of eco solvent printer weak solvent ink

2022-02-21 16:42:58

Oily ink is used in outdoor eco solvent printer, and weak solvent ink is a kind of oily ink. Next, we will explain in detail the method to identify the quality of weak solvent ink of eco solvent printer.

As we all know, weak solvent ink is mainly used in outdoor piezoelectric eco solvent printers. Due to the long-term impact of UV, rain and sand dust on outdoor advertising, it is best to choose ink products with high sun resistance and weather resistance. Excellent stability is also one of the important indicators of purchasing ink. Its stability is mainly reflected in the principle of ink. The pigment particles of inferior ink are different in size and unevenly distributed in the solvent body, which will cause instability or even blockage to the eco solvent printer nozzle.

The expressiveness of color is also very important. The color of some inks is not bright enough, and the color of printed patterns is not exquisite. The matching of ink and technical parameters and what kind of ink the eco solvent printer uses are specified, which can not be selected blindly. It is not an ink that can be used on a variety of devices. Users should also consider when selecting ink, which can not only prolong the service life of the nozzle, but also print high-quality images. The safety of ink and the requirements of high-quality ink are very strict, such as flammability and explosion, and the harm to human body should be reduced to the lowest point. In fact, the quality of eco solvent printer ink comes from its raw materials, such as purity, pH value, impurities, water content, etc. good ink is also a kind of protection for the eco solvent printer itself.

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