On the first day of Guangzhou Exhibition, Skycolor eco solvent printer was popular in the audience

2022-02-17 17:25:33

Yesterday, the Guangzhou advertising exhibition officially opened. On its first day, the grand occasion was the same as in the past, with a continuous flow of people. Advertisers from all over the world gathered here to participate in the advertising feast.

Dpes the 26th Guangzhou International Advertising Exhibition

Exhibition time: February 16-18, 2022

Exhibition address: Pazhou poly World Trade Expo

Skycolor booth: hall4-d07

On the first day of the exhibition, the flow of people in the exhibition was very considerable, and there was a great demand for customers to buy printers. The sky color eco solvent printer shines brightly, and the on-site prototypes are ordered.

In this exhibition, skycolor has complete equipment, including high-speed eight head and four head printers, classic double head printers, high-definition eight color printers and UV printers.

Let’s give you a detailed introduction.

As a high-speed pioneer in the advertising printing industry, h1808 eight head eco solvent printer can print both inside and outside the house and produce a large number of drawings, which is immediately desirable. Equipped with 8 Epson i3200-a1 / E1 nozzles, 24-hour unattended printing, with a daily output of up to 4000 square meters. One printing efficiency is 6-8 sets of other equipment, which has become the favorite of large processing and production enterprises. Eight Epson i3200 nozzles, with a maximum printing speed of 268 ㎡ / h, are the favorite of large processing plants. The double-layer high-power dryer escorts high-speed printing.

H1 four head high-end eco solvent printer is equipped with four Epson i3200 nozzles. Epson’s unique variable ink drop technology can accurately locate ink drops. 3200 spray holes can be inkjet printed at the same time. The picture color transition is natural, and both dark, light and solid colors can be easily handled. Four nozzles work at the same time, and the printing speed is up to 139 ㎡ / h. Four Epson i3200 nozzles, with a maximum printing speed of 139 ㎡ / h, can be used both inside and outside the house, and produce a large number of drawings. It is the mainstream model in the current market.

Zhengzhou New Century Digital( Skycolor Eco Solvent Printer: www.century-printer.com ) Focus on Skycolor Eco Solvent Printer have already used in advertisement for more than ten years . The products have passed ISO9000 and CE certification, owning the trust of most consumers.

The Skycolor Eco Solvent Printer team has an excellent R&D team and a complete production and after-sales service system. It introduces new industry-leading technologies every year, and also participates in many industry exhibitions, showing new products and new technologies. The printing field has built an industry leading position. Skycolor Eco Solvent Printer has many hot-selling models.