Please Look For The Original Ink From The StromJet Factory !

2021-09-13 11:43:13

Whether the output picture of the eso-solvent printer is delicate and lifelike depends mainly on the configuration of the equipment and the ink used. Some users spend a lot of money to buy a high-configuration machine, but buy cheap ink on a certain treasure. As a result, a series of completely avoidable problems such as lost orders and clogged nozzles occur.

Be sure to buy the original ink from the factory, and don’t try to buy other brand inks cheaply. There are two reasons.

1. Each eso-solvent printer will be tested and inspected before leaving the factory. The ink used in the test and drawing is the original ink of the manufacturer. As a precision equipment, the eso-solvent printer needs to go through the ink and system to achieve a good drawing effect. Debug many times. Therefore, the use of original ink can further ensure the quality of the output.

2. The original ink is guaranteed after sale, because there are many years of reputation from the manufacturer, so there is no need to worry about out of stock. However, if you use brand-name inks, you may not be able to find the merchant when you repurchase it, which will cause the color difference of the drawing, and even cause the equipment to malfunction in serious cases.

So, what are the advantages of the ink equipped with stromjet eso-solvent printer?

There are two main types of inks equipped with stromjet eso-solvent printer: eco-solvent ink and water-based ink. StromJet  eco-solvent ink is a new type of outdoor pressure motor solvent ink, which has the four characteristics of high safety, low volatility, low toxicity, and high flash point.


(1) Smooth use, small viscosity change with temperature, continuous output for a long time, stable printing performance, good adhesion, and fast drying;

(2) It has good color brightness and color saturation, good color expression, beautiful and rich colors, and realistic effects;

(3) The light fastness grade of the pigment used in the ink can reach 7 to 8, so it has better light fastness;

(4) The ink has good water resistance, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance on the printing medium, and is not easy to fade;

(5) The use of imported raw materials, good dispersion stability, low corrosion to the nozzle, can effectively extend the life of the ink head;

(6) Long-lasting outdoor expression, can resist the influence of UV light, and prevent color fading;

(7) It does not contain toxic solvents such as toluene, xylene, cyclohexanone, etc., with low odor, no pollution, and no harm to the body;

(8) It has strong compatibility and can be applied to a variety of printing media.

Product Description:

This product has the characteristics of high-fidelity color reproduction and not easy to change color; it has good intermittent printing stability and long-term storage stability. The ink can maintain good printing stability at high and low temperatures, and it is easy to store. It is truly environmentally friendly Solvent ink.

The main features of stromjet water-based ink:

1. Using high-quality special dyes, the raw materials have good solvent performance, high color saturation, and color density values as high as 1.3 or more; the color gamut is wide, the color reproducibility is good, and the real picture can be restored more delicately and vividly.

2. Excellent chemical stability, smooth use of ink, continuous output for a long time, excellent printing performance; the selected dyes have light fastnesses of 6 to 7, and the color of the indoor ink can be maintained for 5 years.

3. Using high-quality non-toxic raw materials, the ink is non-toxic, tasteless, non-irritating and corrosive, making it safer and more environmentally friendly to use. In addition, the drying speed is fast, which is more suitable for fast output and mass production.

4. Stromjet I3200 water-based ink is produced in a dust-free workshop, and the ink is free of impurities, which can greatly reduce the probability of clogging and damaging the nozzles, and ensure that the machine maintains the best working condition anytime and anywhere.

5. Strong compatibility, can be applied to a variety of printing media; support a variety of RIP software ICC curve, so that the printing screen is beautiful and lifelike.