Maintenance method of eco solvent printer spraying error

2021-09-24 16:56:18

After the eco solvent printer is used, we all need to carry out the daily nozzle maintenance, so do you know what the wrong maintenance of the eco solvent printer is? Wrong operation scheme one:

The more times of cleaning the print head, the better. Proper cleaning of the photo print head can solve the problem of micro-clogging of the print head and ensure the good printing status of the print head. However, frequent cleaning of the print head is not good for the print head, and it will even reduce the life of the print head. In addition, it will also cause extreme damage to the ink. Big waste.


Incorrect operation scheme two:

Misunderstandings of nozzle sealing and blocking prevention. For example, it is often believed that as long as the nozzle and the ink stack are sealed, the nozzle ink will not dry up and block the nozzle. In fact, when the printer is not working, it is important to keep the nozzle and the ink stack completely close. Work, but if you want to ensure that the nozzle does not dry and block, you must also fold the waste ink tube. You can use the relevant clamp to clamp the ink tube. Because the waste ink tube is connected to the ink stack, the drying of the waste ink tube will also cause The ink stack wick dries, causing the print head to dry out. In addition, if the eco solvent printer does not work for more than three days or longer, you must start the eco solvent printer regularly, clean the print head, keep the print head moist, and leave it idle for a longer time. You can remove the print head and manually clean it. And keep it in sealed packaging.

Wrong operation scheme three:

In the daily use of the piezoelectric eco solvent printer, do not pay attention to the impact of static electricity on the eco solvent printer. For example, do not provide related anti-static protection for the eco solvent printer, do not connect the ground wire, and do not connect the related stabilized power supply for the eco solvent printer. It is the wrong operation of the printer. Static electricity and unstable voltage can easily affect the printer’s printing output, and even cause damage to the printer and nozzles. For example, if you don’t pay attention to anti-static work, the eco solvent printer is easy to generate static electricity during high-speed operation. Do not underestimate the damage of static electricity to the eco solvent printer nozzle. Static electricity will affect the printing effect of the eco solvent printer. In severe cases, it will also cause the nozzle of the eco solvent printer to burn. , So in the daily work of the eco solvent printer, we must pay attention to the problem of anti-static. At the same time, it is recommended to connect a stable UPS stabilizer to the eco solvent printer to provide a stable working voltage for the eco solvent printer.


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