Precautions for the use of the eco solvent printer in each season

2021-11-24 15:15:18

The low temperature in winter and the difference in humidity and humidity will affect the precision electronic components of the eco solvent printer, such as the core component of the eco solvent printer-piezoelectric nozzle, electronic board control system, etc. For example, the low-temperature and dry climate in the north is prone to generate static electricity, especially in the cold, low-temperature and dry environment in winter, it is more likely to be generated when the eco solvent printer is running. During the printing process of the eco solvent printer, the friction between the paper consumable medium and the machine’s printing platform is easy Generate static electricity. Static electricity not only affects the accuracy of printing, such as printing flying ink, inaccurate ink drop positioning, but also easily damages electronic components.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do anti-static operation for the eco solvent printer, connect the ground wire to the eco solvent printer to prevent the accumulation of static electricity from affecting the eco solvent printer The bottom right side of the machine body is marked with a ground connection mark, please pay attention to the ground connection. In addition, pay attention to the humidity of the working environment of the eco solvent printer. It is best to keep it between 35%-65% to avoid the environment being too dry.


Precautions for the use of the eco solvent printer in a low temperature and humid climate:

In winter, the temperature and humidity of the north and south regions are also different. The northern region has a dry and low-temperature climate environment, while the southern region is mostly low-temperature and humid, low-temperature and humid-cold climate. The printout of the eco solvent printer in the low-temperature and humid climate environment is also very influential.

In particular, the ink of the eco solvent printer is the most affected. When the temperature is too low, the ink thickness will change, the colorability will become worse and the drying speed will slow down. Especially in cold, low temperature and high humidity climatic conditions, not only the ink is easily affected, but the paper medium is also vulnerable to moisture and other problems. For example, printing on a eco solvent printer is prone to poor ink supply and ink breakage, and the ink dries slowly after printing, especially large areas of solid color ink, such as large areas such as black and red, which generally dry slowly after printing. It is necessary to use the printing machine to heat and dry the platform after printing to speed up the rapid drying of the image after printing. In addition, under the influence of moisture on the paper medium, problems such as ink immersion, ink conversion, and image blur will occur.

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