The correct operation specification of paper feeding and paper feeding of the eco solvent printer.

2021-11-29 17:33:32

The correct operating specifications of the eco solvent printer can avoid many printing failures and save production costs. Next, we will explain in detail the correct operating specifications of the eco solvent printer for feeding and feeding paper.

The correct operation specification of the paper feeding and feeding system of the eco solvent printer. For example, in the daily inkjet printing work of the eco solvent printer, it is common to cause unnecessary printing failures due to the incorrect operation of the paper feeding and feeding system, such as the eco solvent printer printing When outputting the screen, sometimes there will be uneven feeding of the printing medium, wrinkled paper feeding, skewed printed image, uneven lines, paper jam, scraping of the nozzle, ink rubbing, and image ink sticky paper caused by dry image. And so on, these are all faults caused by incorrect operating specifications. Although it is a small fault or a small problem, do not ignore it, because these small faults will not only affect the working efficiency of the eco solvent printer, but also cause the waste of printing media and ink and other consumables, increase the production cost, and even cause the eco solvent printer to feed. Wrinkles, the paper media will scratch the print head, causing the print head mirror or nozzles to be scratched, and damage the print head.

Firstly, when installing the printing consumables, the operator correctly selects the appropriate size of the printing consumables, installs them on the cross bar below the eco solvent printer, and gently feeds the consumables into the feeding port at the back of the eco solvent printer to ensure that the printing consumables are placed in the correct position. If you are manually rewinding the paper, it’s best to shake it left and right to keep the printing consumables moderately tight. If you retract too tightly, there will be uneven pressure, excessive force, or failure of the pressure roller, which will also cause related printing. A failure occurred. For example, the pace of paper feeding and receiving is inconsistent, the paper feeding and receiving are inclined, or there is an obstacle at one end of the eco solvent printer when printing images, which will cause the paper to wrinkle.

Then, the operation of the printing platform, for example, when the fan of the suction platform fails to absorb the paper of the paper loading system, the printing medium cannot be perfectly attached to the printing platform. During printing, the printing medium is easy to shift, causing the eco solvent printer The paper is wrinkled. Therefore, the correct operation specifications of the paper feeding and feeding system of the eco solvent printer should be paid attention to. Before printing, users should check whether these aspects are normal to prevent the paper feed of the eco solvent printer from wrinkling, improve work efficiency, and avoid waste of consumables.

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