Recommend a super cost-effective eco solvent printer-Stromjet 3180S double head series

2021-12-27 15:36:13

In the last week of 2021, the eco solvent printer recommended for everyone is a dual-head series eco solvent printer with great cost performance-Stromjet 31080S. The output accuracy of this device can reach up to 3200DPI, and the printed product is exquisite and exquisite, which is comparable to the output effect of the six-color eight-color machine on the market. Detailed equipment advantages

1. THK silent linear guide. High-precision linear decoding can maintain the stability of the trolley when the equipment is running at high speed. No noise can provide a good working environment for supporters.

2. Fluorine rubber pressing roller. Imported fluorine rubber press rollers are used to make the fixed paper more balanced, convey more stable, more wear-resistant and beautiful, and can also prevent static electricity and make printing safer.

3. Anti-collision frame. In addition to the anti-collision paper function, the anti-collision frame of this device can also adjust the height of the collision head according to the thickness of different printing media, so as to easily cope with various types of printing media with different thicknesses.

4. Highly moisturizing ink stack. The highly moisturizing and fully enclosed ink stack can fully protect and automatically clean the nozzles. Long-term moisturizing + comprehensive protection makes printing more efficient, simple and convenient.

5. Many printing materials. The diversity of printed materials determines the number of customers in the advertising order industry and makes the profits earned more diversified. Stromjet 3180S can print many media in the advertising industry, such as photo paper, adhesive pp, pvc transparent film, light film, photo cloth and inkjet cloth and so on. This means that customers can not only print light film advertisements, but also do poster business, and can also deliver orders for outdoor large-scale advertisements.

6. Save printing consumables. Whether it is a graphic store or an advertising processing factory, personnel costs, rent and paper consumables are fixed costs for printing, and there is generally no way to reduce them. But we can optimize the loss of ink by controlling the ink used in printing. The ink provided by Stromjet 3180S is the original Stromjet factory ink, using high-quality raw materials and fine production. The finished product is not only high in color saturation, but also not easy to block ink. , Ink is not easy to break, the same volume of ink, the output image quality is better, avoid repeated printing, waste of consumables.

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